Shakwat Sadi | শওকত সাদী

Shakwat Sadi. (Bengali- শওকত সাদী ) alias Md.Shakwat Hossain . Technology Evangelist. Poet and author of prose. Bore 30th September, Bangladesh. He received Master of Commerce in Business Management. Studies University of Dhaka .He started his work life as a journalist and worked as Assistant Editor, Assistant of literary page of weekly, monthly and National daily.

He also completed Business program Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada and he is the pioneer biometric enable green banking system and played vital role in the landscape of Identity Theft, awareness of banking Sector. He also completed Supply Chain Management from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (B.U.E.T) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (C.C.N.A) from Cisco Network Academy, York dale, Ontario Canada. Microsoft certified professional (M.C.P) from Microsoft.

He was politically and culturally active and received award in culture & literature competition in his student life for writing poem and short story. His early worked poem, short story, published most of National daily, weekly and little magazine. Also he was acting some ad film as a Model and anchoring of popular Television show.

The fluorescence of cultural and literary activity around Shahbugh, Dhaka, Bangladesh early eighties to break the barricade young entrepreneur with new avenue, he started Book publication and published proactive author of the time and translated book’s of world literary.

For turning point of information technology phenomena in nineteen century across the Globe he turns his career Path in the field of Information Technology. He started learning in the American Based Information Technology School and learned different path of Information Technology. Started worked Information Technology based Company and open IT business with trading house. The time of Information Technology bubble up, he flocked Canada as an immigrant for better opportunity and he had been living Ontario, Canada over decade. He is the editor of Voix English –French literary Journal.

He has received the UNICEF-Meena media award for children science fiction book. He has also received the “Pandulipi” -award for outstanding contribution for short story and the “Shanlap”- literature award from West Bengal of India.